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SaluteU is created in memory and honor of Umar “Salute” Muhammad. Prior to his untimely passing, Umar was a formerly incarcerated individual who subsequently utilized his experiences with the criminal system to advocate for black communities and other incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals.

Services Offered

SaluteU focuses on providing education and resources to youth involved with the criminal system or engaging in activities that tend to lead to involvement with the criminal system.


In response to needs identified by the youth engaged thus far, the SaluteU Program will offer the following services:

· A “Changed Action Plan” or CAP- 12-month plan outlining the youth’s plan to change his/her actions along with the youth’s career and financial goals

· Weekly courses on conflict management, financial planning and career readiness

· Connection with SaluteU Program Employers

· Free weekly boxing classes at Stokes Boxing Academy

· Assigned mentor with past involvement with the criminal system

· Assigned sponsors

· Access to SaluteU Program attorneys as needed

· Therapy and mental health services as needed

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to participate in the SaluteU Program, youth must meet the following eligibility requirements:

· Involvement with the criminal system or engaging in activities that tend to lead to involvement with the criminal system

· Signed permission slip and waiver form from parent or legal guardian

· Signed commitment to 1-year participation in the SaluteU Program. Such commitment includes: (1) weekly check-in with assigned mentor; (2) attendance at weekly courses; (3) report grades and academic accomplishments and/or needs to SaluteU Program Director; and (4) Prepare and implement CAP; and (5) commitment to serve as a mentor for future SaluteU cohorts.


Goals and Metrics

After 12 months, each SaluteU Program participant will have lessened their involvement or potential involvement with the criminal system as measured by their “Changed Action Plan,” academic performance, and participation in other activities such as boxing and employment.

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If you or a youth you know can benefit from the SaluteU Program, please contact Antwan Chambers or Alesha Brown.




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